Save Energy, Save Animals! (Student Blogging Challenge)

Hey Animal Lovers!

This Saturday, people from around the world people are going to not use electricity for 1 hour from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm! That means no lights, TV’s, or stoves! I thought about what else the world could do to save energy and prevent global warming. Some ideas are:

1. You could use less electricity than normal.

2. You could stop using electricity for a whole afternoon.

3. You could ride your bicycle to places that you can ride to instead of driving cars.

Don’t forget to participate in the non-electricity this Saturday on March 28! Keep loving animals!  

IMG_0040 Charles Anderson via Compfight

3 thoughts on “Save Energy, Save Animals! (Student Blogging Challenge)

  1. I will definitely try to save electricity on Saturday. I don’t have a bike but maybe I can walk downtown to do my errands instead of driving.

  2. Great post Lauren.
    Thinking of saving energy for more than just that one hour is what we need to do. I only have one set of lights on in my house during the evening. I also use long life light globes so i don’t have to keep replacing them.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment Miss W.! I love participating in the student blogging challenge and it means a lot to me that you noticed my blog! I agree 100 percent that we need to save electricity for more than one hour. I think that only having one set of lights on at night is a wonderful idea and I will ask my family to do that too. I think that you are saving a great amount of electricity and animals! Thanks again!
      -Lauren (

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