My Striped Spirit Animal

Hey Animal Lovers! As you know, I am very passionate about animals and other interesting living things. I decided to write this blog post about my spirit animal, tigers. You can find your spirit animal here. Information about tigers are down below!

Out of all the wild cats in the world, tigers are the biggest. They have tails that can grow as long as 1 meter! Tigers usually hunt alone in the darkness of the night, and when they find their prey, the kill it by biting or breaking its neck. Tigers often consume 12 pounds of their prey in one meal. When the tiger is full, it buries the dead animal with leaves and dirt. As soon as it gets hungry again, it uncovers the dead animal and eats another helping.

Even though tigers are cats, they can actually like water and are fabulous swimmers! Most tigers live in Southeast Asia.In more specific terms, the live in Korea, China, and Russia. Even though tigers live in many different places, they are highly endangered. Tigers are hunted for their fur as well as their body parts that are used for certain medicines. Also, tigers are losing habitats due to people using land for farming and logging. Today, there are about 3,000-4,500 tigers left in the world. Many types of species of tigers are already extinct.

There are many different species of tigers. Some include Sumatran Tigers, Siberian Tigers, and Bengal Tigers. The one type of tiger I am most interested about are White Bengal Tigers. White Bengal Tigers are not albino. Albino animals are animals that have white fur or skin and have red eyes.White Bengal Tigers are have white fur but still have black stripes. Their fur is white because there is a lack of pigment pheomelanin, which orange tigers have. White Bengal Tigers tend to be bigger than regular tigers reaching up to 3 meters in length! I think White Bengal Tigers are pretty awesome.

In conclusion, I think any kind of tiger is really cool and I am glad I got to share with you and the rest of the world the new information I just learned! I would like to know what your spirit animal is! Comment down below what you got on the spirit animal quiz! Thanks Animal Lovers!

Loopy Animal Limericks!

Hey Animal Lovers!

Yesterday in English class, we wrote limericks. Limericks are silly poems that don’t make any sense. The pattern is A, A, B, B, A. In lines 1, 2, and 5, there has to be 8-9 syllables. In lines 3 and 4, there has to be 4-5 syllables. Writing them in class yesterday was really fun and exciting. Everyone kept asking for opinions and feedback. After each person shared their limericks, there was a ripple of laughter from everyone. I think everyone’s limericks were fun and creative. I, of course, wrote a limerick about one of my favorite animals. If you looked at my favorite animals post, then you might be able to guess. I wrote about a fish! Now remember, these are supposed to not make sense. Here is mine!

The Fish

There once was a fish named Joe Boe,

who had a business named Moe Co.

He was a good boss,

And fell in some moss,

And then got eaten by a crow.

Portrait of a fishCreative Commons License Jan Fidler via Compfight

Oh and don’t forget to write your own limericks and comment them down below! Have fun writing!


Puppy of the Month Ideas!

Hey Animal Lovers!

As you know, May 1st is one week away and I am very excited to do the next Puppy of the Month! If you have any ideas for Mays puppy, please leave a comment down below. I can’t wait to see which furry friend is next!

Also, we have now reached 100 visitors!!! I am so excited because I never thought I would achieve this goal! Thanks to all Animal Lovers for visiting this blog. Keep loving animals!

After the Bath Rachel via Compfight

Intriguing Favorites!

Hey Animal Lovers! Today I am doing the Student Blogging Challenge week 5. If you want to participate, click here. This weeks challenge is favorites. I decided to do favorite animals because my blog is about animals. Picking favorite animals is tough because every animal has unique traits and personalities. Also, I like every single animal because I am an animal lover. Picking these animals were very tough, but my list is made up of the ones I’ve loved since I was little. So here is a countdown to my favorite animal!

The animal that came in tenth place was turtles because they have interesting shell patterns, and they can also use their shell as protection. Since tigers have beautiful stripes and graceful struts, I rank them number nine. Wolfs are in eighth place because they are so sneaky and have frightening howls! Snakes can slither instead of walk and eat mice whole, thats why I gave them seventh place. I have to say my sixth favorite animal are tropical fish since there are so many different kinds and they have bright, unique colored scales! Cheetahs are so fast and have brilliant spots, which gives them my ranking of number five. Elephants have big ears, long trunks and memories, which is the reason they came in fourth place on my list. Now we’re down to the top three. Monkeys grab third place considering they have lengthy arms for swinging from tree to tree and enjoy eating food with their feet. I ranked hedgehogs high on my list at number two since they have fascinating quills and are so tiny. My ultimate, all-time favorite animal are bears! I love how bears are loud and proud and protect their young, just like humans.

Thank you for reading my favorite animal student blogging challenge post. Leave a comment telling me what are some of your favorite animals? Have a great day!

Over the curbCreative Commons License Mack Lundy via CompfightTiger Gregg Hanchett via CompfightDakota's new pond Allison Bailey via CompfightFresh ShedCreative Commons License Nicholas Lundgaard via Does nature's pallete...Creative Commons License LASZLO ILYES via CompfightCompfightghepardo Corrado Mostacchi via CompfightWildlife, elephant, Botswana Dietmar Temps via CompfightWhat a hoot! Andrew Nicholson via CompfightGendo the HedgehogCreative Commons License Tiffany Bailey via CompfightBrown Bear e_monk via Compfight



Puppy of the Month!

Hey Animal Lovers! I have been waiting a long time for today because it is April 1st! So that means that today is April Fools Day and we do Puppy of the Month! I had a request to do a Labradoodle so lets jump right into the puppy!

A Labradoodle was discovered in 1988 when an Australian breeder crossed a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Because the Labradoodle is not a breed and is a hybird, each Labradoodle is different. They have similar traits, but their personalities are not consistent. Each Labradoodle has different hair types.  If the dogs fur is curly, then it has a wool coat. If it is wavy fur, then it as a fleece coat and if it has strait fur, then it has hair coat.

I definitely learned a lot about this dog breed and enjoyed learning about it! Have a nice day Animal Lovers! Don’t forget, do safe April Fools Day jokes!

Labradoodle?Creative Commons License – C_G – via Compfight

Save Energy, Save Animals! (Student Blogging Challenge)

Hey Animal Lovers!

This Saturday, people from around the world people are going to not use electricity for 1 hour from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm! That means no lights, TV’s, or stoves! I thought about what else the world could do to save energy and prevent global warming. Some ideas are:

1. You could use less electricity than normal.

2. You could stop using electricity for a whole afternoon.

3. You could ride your bicycle to places that you can ride to instead of driving cars.

Don’t forget to participate in the non-electricity this Saturday on March 28! Keep loving animals!  

IMG_0040 Charles Anderson via Compfight